We are currently working with Lendlease in making sleep a priority for their employees. Please contact us at hello@sleepfit.com.au or 02 9251 6222 for more information.

Employee Feedback

Prior to undertaking the SleepFit programme I was unable to shut off at night and once asleep would wake several times. My quality of sleep was poor affecting my ability to concentrate which in turn impacted on my work and family life.  I was also taking medication to help me sleep which left me feeling drowsy and sluggish adding to my poor levels of functionality.  I embarked on the SleepFit programme with an open yet suspicious mind and was amazed at the results. By following the tips and advice I was able to stop ALL medication and my quality of sleep has gone from a 2 to a 10. I have regained my sanity and myself and would highly recommend it to everyone.