The Sleepwell guide is an easy tool you can implement right now.

If you are looking to help your people find better sleep, start by educating them about the importance and benefits of good sleep by guiding them through evidence based, clinical best practice sleep hygiene skills.


Sleep education is the foundation of good sleep.

The science is pretty clear, sleep is the foundation on which the pillars of health, diet and exercise are based. Better sleep positively impacts mental health, chronic disease, physical performance, workplace safety and productivity. Good sleep education is the cornerstone of every workplace wellness and OH&S strategy.

Why should you educate your people about sleep?

  • Good sleep has more physical and mental health benefits than any other health initiative you can support in the workplace
  • Good sleep compliments your existing OH&S strategies to turbo charge your accident and illness statistics
  • Good sleep improves cognitive performance including problem solving skills and the propensity to tackle complex problems
  • Good sleep improves physical performance, including speed, reaction time and muscle strength
  • Good sleep makes for happier, healthier and more productive staff